5 ways AI can improve customer service

AI can help solve customer pain points—but does it mean community banks will lose the personal touch they pride themselves on? As community bankers themselves tell us, the answer is no.

Can open- and closed-loop payments coexist?

With consumer pressure to offer faster payments, community banks are considering how they can offer both open- and closed-loop payments platforms to deepen customer relationships.

10 ways to create successful fintech partnerships

Community bankers and their fintech partners offer practical tips for how to build a successful relationship, keeping “soft” factors like culture, communication and values front and center.

Improve your community bank’s core with APIs

Application programming interfaces enable community banks to improve and upgrade elements of their core architectures without extensive and costly system overhauls. Banks and core processing providers are now leveraging and integrating APIs to modernize services.

Capitalize on social payments

Social payments methods like Venmo and Cash App continue to grow in popularity, and the data is there to prove it, creating an opportunity to give customers what they want: 24/7 access to cashless, P2P and mobile transactions. So how do social payments fit in community banks’ long-term future?

Regtech’s role in risk management

From data automation to merger prep, regtech can provide myriad ways to aid risk management. Two community banks tell us how they’re taking advantage of this technology.

8 ways cloud banking can boost efficiency

Fewer IT costs, better data storage and greater resilience—moving to the cloud is no small feat, but the potential benefits to a community bank’s bottom line can be hard to ignore. We spoke to experts to get an overview of the savings that could be in store for banks.

How gamification can be a boon for community banks

Community banks are getting into the gamification business—and it’s been better for business. Introducing gaming elements into apps and company training tools can result in cost savings, increased customer loyalty, financial literacy and employee retention. Here’s how some community banks are winning with their gamified approach.

Technology your remote and hybrid employees need

Remote and hybrid working was once the exception but, for some community bank employees, it’s now the norm. What technology is needed to keep remote workers productive, connected and, most of all, engaged?

How to create a seamless core conversion

Making the switch to a new core technology provider can be a daunting task, since many core relationships last years, if not decades. Faced with several transitional issues, here’s how these community banks gained support from their new providers to adapt to the change.