What makes a bank logo memorable

A well-designed logo can help a community bank tell a brand story, represent its values and draw in new customers. But what makes a logo memorable and effective? We asked design experts and community bankers.

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Paid social media’s place in your marketing strategy

As social media platforms tinker with their algorithms, marketing experts say one trend is clear: Paid social campaigns are becoming increasingly necessary to cut through the noise and reach customers. They share tips for how community banks can get started.

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How to respond to buy now, pay later

Consumers are increasingly interested in buy now, pay later products, which are cutting into credit card usage. Here’s what community banks need to know about these products and how they can take advantage of this model.

4 tips for better vendor management

Community banks use dozens or even hundreds of vendors—making it critical that they have an efficient way to stay compliant, track performance and more. Some banks are using a combination of software and internal personnel and systems to do just that.

Why community banks form charitable foundations

Supporting local causes and charities is a core differentiator of community banks. To that end, some community banks have elected to form foundations to be lasting stewards of their charitable contributions.

What you need to know about digital issuance

Instant issue cards are becoming more common at financial institutions, as they can maximize card usage and even attract customers. But another option, digital issuance, combines that speed with increasingly popular digital services.

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Why contactless payments are here to stay

Americans were already headed toward greater adoption of contactless payments when COVID-19 changed the way they shop. Now, data shows that contactless payments will be a new normal for many, even after the pandemic. For community banks, it’s time to get ahead of the trend.

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Improve your next marketing campaign with data

Using data from your community bank, an ad campaign or public sources allows your marketing efforts to find potential or existing customers who’ve already shown interest in your brand.

Why it pays to offer cross-border payments

Offering cross-border payments used to have a high barrier of entry, but thanks to new technology and increasing revenue opportunities, they may be an untapped growth opportunity for enterprising community banks.

How community banks can use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has become far more than just a way to sell overpriced products on social media. Now it’s a well-established tool for building brand awareness, boosting sales and more. Here’s what community banks and marketing experts say about this growing industry.