Listen Up: Talent recruitment and retention

Is there a strategy or method to recruiting and retaining talent? In episode 3 of the Independent Banker podcast, community banker Kim Kirk and fintech insider Tommy Marshall discussed today’s competitive job market and explained how they attract and keep skilled employees in a highly competitive job market.

What are power skills?

The skills needed to succeed in the workplace are changing, with companies placing greater value on soft skills like communication and leadership. In response, community banks have an opportunity to revisit hiring policies and training programs.

Expanding horizons with cross-country branches

Community banks across the nation are breaking into markets outside their typical areas of operation. Here’s how four banks are successfully finding new locations, acquiring new customers and bringing convenience to existing ones.

Can AI assist in vendor management challenges?

As community banks grow, their vendor partnerships usually also do, which can lead to challenges with organization, data security and more. To address these issues, some community banks have turned to artificial intelligence.

D.L. Evans Bank staff

Should you offer financial planning services?

Offering financial planning services is one way to expand a community bank’s footprint and deepen customer relationships. We spoke with several banks about why and how they offer wealth management services to new and existing clients.

Hallmarks of stellar customer service across industries

Good customer service is good customer service, no matter the industry. Consumers build their customer service expectations based on their best—and worst—experiences, whether it’s with a grocery store or an online retailer. So, what lessons in innovative customer service can community banks learn from companies in other industries?

Carlos Herrera and Josefa Ruiz

How community banks serve immigrants

When people come to live in the U.S. from other countries, they often don’t have an American credit history, identification or other typical requirements of the account-opening or loan process. But community banks are finding ways to serve this growing population while mitigating credit and compliance hurdles.

Retail Banking Interrupted graphic

How COVID-19 has disrupted retail banking

The pandemic has disrupted the world of retail, and retail banking was no exception. Community banks adapted to COVID-19 restrictions to meet the needs of customers, embracing new and existing branch trends.

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Community bank branches are evolving

Many community banks were already rethinking the role of their branches when COVID-19 forced them to interact with customers in new and increasingly digital ways. But rather than buck physical banking trends, industry experts say the pandemic is furthering existing evolutions in how customers use branches, especially for complex financial services.