Stealthy shopping for better service

While most of Alpine Bank’s in-lobby “shops” are carried out here at its Glenwood Springs branch, the program also has an online element. It’s no secret why Alpine Bank’s mystery shopper program has helped the community bank meet and exceed customer expectations over the past two decades. By William Atkinson Name: Alpine Bank Assets: $6.4 billion […]

How thrift and mutual banks are benefiting their customers

Thrift banks, otherwise known as savings and loans, focus on turning deposits into consumer mortgage loans. Some thrifts are owned and operated by mutual banks, but not necessarily vice versa. We take a deep dive into what lies at the heart of these community banks’ business models and how this benefits their customer relationships.

The future of workplace flexibility

The pandemic forced the issue of remote and hybrid working for many employees, but it wasn’t a flash in the pan. Though challenges remain, many companies are now looking to accommodate employees’ refreshed expectations. We asked community banks how they’re dealing with the resulting shifts in their employment models.

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A community bank-fueled payments rail

A secure, open-loop, cost-saving, customer-accessible, multiplatform P2P payments network might sound too good to be true, but community bank consortium Alloy Labs Alliance hopes to achieve just that with the CHUCK payment rail.

The benefits of small business relationships

Whether achieved by internal or external resources, community banks provide valuable support for small businesses. Here, bankers share how they build and maintain long-standing partnerships with their business customers.

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Niche lending ideas: Green products and services

Community banks have always thrived in niche markets, and lending in new spaces is just one of the many ways they serve businesses and individuals in their communities. As the market for “green” products and services evolves, we asked community bankers for their ideas about how to serve this niche.

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Build your community bank’s brand with swag

Promotional merchandise, or swag, has long been regarded as a no-brainer approach to business branding, but community banks are shedding those thrifty connotations with a new, mindful approach to company gifting that imparts value and purpose while bolstering bottom lines.

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How to collect positive customer reviews

When customers look up businesses online, reviews are one of the first things they see. These community bankers share how they collect positive reviews, and how to respond to negative ones.

Kathy Strasser of IncredibleBank

Can fintechs enhance your bank’s marketing campaign?

Customized, well-thought-out interactions—especially in the online banking space—are integral to wooing new customers and retaining existing ones. We asked several banking leaders how they’ve employed fintech to ramp up their marketing campaigns, hone their analytic strategies and gain new patrons in the process.

6 smart marketing moves for 2023

When it comes to customer acquisition tactics, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s budget. Here, experts give their take on the trends that can freshen up your community bank’s marketing plan as you strive to engage with new and existing customers.