How to keep good employees

When it comes to hiring, everyone’s been feeling the pinch. But don’t forget to take care of the folks you already have. Here, we look at how a people-first cultural approach is key to both preserving talent and preventing another Great Resignation.

Lindsay LaNore: Lessons from an escape room

As teams, how well do we work under pressure? The ICBA Community Banker University team recently had a chance to think about that when, at our annual strategy and teambuilding meeting, we found ourselves locked in an escape room.

CFOs’ budgeting secrets

The pandemic and other financial events continue to send ripple effects across the banking industry. Through it all, chief financial officers continue to act as stabilizing forces for their community banks while remaining open to new opportunities. We sat down with a panel of six CFOs to ask how they’ve adapted to this landscape.

Lindsay LaNore: Getting more out of virtual learning

Whether you are in the learner’s or supervisor’s seat, the phrase “You only get out what you put into it” should be top of mind as every community bank looks to continue enriching its professional development practices and overall success.