Brad Bolton

Brad M. Bolton: Educating future leaders

Focusing on the ‘whys’ helps employees see how decisions fit together in a perfect puzzle for high-performing success, and it motivates them to be contributors to that success.

Fighting fire with funding

In the wake of the devastating Dixie Fire in northeastern California, Plumas Bank partnered with a local community foundation, forming the Dixie Fire Fund with a $50,000 bank donation. Since then, Plumas Bank has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars more for ongoing relief efforts.

The top-performing community banks of 2021

Independent Banker’s annual listing top-performing community banks of 2021 alongside interviews with some of the winners. In true community bank fashion, each has its own story to tell and its own path to success.

Justin Kitzinger

Out of Office: Justin Kitzinger

Justin Kitzinger, a private banking officer at $6 billion-asset Bankers Trust in Des Moines, Iowa, dedicates 200 hours each year to volunteer firefighting.

Brad Bolton

Brad M. Bolton: Advancing our communities

My bank’s tagline is ‘Where dreams meet solutions,’ and it serves as my guiding inspiration at the bank and, now, at the national level. As community bankers, our customers depend on us to keep their dreams alive.

First Kentucky Banks

Kentucky banks stand tall

After a historic tornado rocked western Kentucky last December, a host of community banks banded together in the spirit of generosity, using their financial power to start relief funds and bolster rescue efforts for local victims.